Product Design + Development

Hi, my name is Geoffrey Pay. I'm a designer/developer living in Los Angeles. Raised on a steady diet of media consumption, I'm constantly in search of "aha" moments. Whether I'm at the movies, playing games, or riding the trails, my eyes are on constant swivel for engaging experiences.

Having studied architecture, business, and law, my pursuit of life-long learning led me to internet startups. Crafting software for users initially as an information architect and a designer, I strive to communicate clear and concise messaging and objectives. Tackling more advanced applications motivated me to apply the same approach to frontend development and data visualization. Now, I'm on a mission to find opportunities where I can apply these skills to identify user goals, prototype designs, and deploy production code that delivers those aha moments.

Thus far, I've learned the ins and outs of design and development addressing pain points in publishing, messaging, aerospace, and smart buildings. If you're determined to create awesome experiences for your users, let's join forces and make something incredible! Drop me a line. You'll find samples of work and passion projects under:

Design Knowledge

Experienced in user-centered design processes and design thinking. Committed to iterative, context-driven solutions, and visual storytelling to explore and explain data.

Technical Tools

Rapid prototyping and front-end development employing JavaScript-based frameworks and tools (HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, Angular, Material, NgxCharts, VueJS, and JQuery) to model microinteractions, elicit requirements, and validate assumptions.

Communication & Leadership

Experienced conducting user interviews and producing dev/design artifacts (prototypes, UMLs, sitemaps, wireframes, workflows, personas, user stories, storyboards) to validate needs, facilitate testing, analyse outcomes, and build stakeholder buy-in. Hired and led cross-functional teams, advocating for users and shared product goals.