Geoffrey Pay

UI/UX Design.



I'm a designer/developer living in San Francisco. I rely on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular to craft engaging interfaces. I play at the intersection of hardware and software, where I'm currently dabblling with Arduino, Swift, and d3.

You can find samples of professional projects under Work and passion projects at Skunkworks. Get in touch to find out more.


Design Knowledge

Iterative, context-driven solutions that leverage established UI patterns, minimize noise, and enhance discoverability.

Technical Skills

Lightweight, rapid prototyping that employs JavaScript-based frameworks to model microinteractions, elicit requirements, and validate assumptions.


Fluent in agile development methodology, including daily standups and reviews to communicate and minimize rework and anti-patterns.

User Research

Lightweight testing, user interviews, and contextual inquiry to create personas and user stories, address use cases, and analyse success metrics.