Geoffrey Pay

UI/UX Design.



Introduced to videogames and Choose Your Own Adventure books at an early age, I became fascinated with the mechanics of interactive storytelling, computers, and ultimately software development. As a UI/UX practitioner, I advocate for usability across enterprise- and consumer-facing products and services, from early to mature stages of development. With over 15 years of experience in design and management roles, my skills are tuned to four areas to maximize impact and success.

View samples of client deliverables under Work. See Contact to view my profiles at LinkedIn and other social network sites. Professional references and sample artifacts available upon request.

Design Knowledge

Iterative, context-driven design solutions that leverage established UI patterns, minimize noise, and enhance discoverability.

Technical Skills

Lightweight, rapid prototypes that employ JavaScript-based frameworks to model microinteractions, elicit requirements, and validate assumptions.


Fluent in agile development methodology, including daily standups and periodic reviews to maximize communication and minimize costly rework and anti-patterns.

User Research

Lightweight testing, user interviews, and contextual inquiry to better document personas and user stories, address use cases, and achieve success metrics.